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Why Have Your Jewelry Appraised?

Diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals continue to increase in value due to emerging market demands. As these markets evolve, jewelry appraisals can provide the client with the most current valuation to recover from loss due to tragedy or calamity. Clients should consider the importance of a comprehensive jewelry appraisal to include documentation to assist in recovery or replacement of their personal jewelry items.

It is most important for the client to consider a professional company that maintains standards of service when compiling information to:

  • Provide while-you-wait SERVICE
  • make timely UPDATES available
  • REPRINT documents, as necessary

Heritage Appraisers, Inc is that company. We are committed to all your jewelry appraisal needs.

Old and unwanted jewelry is a new market that has also been growing. The driving factor behind this market is the unforeseen rise in the price of raw materials that are used in these item’s construction. The returns that are seen in this area are nothing short of spell binding, and they don’t look to decrease any time soon

The new wave in recent years is for buyers to focus on the jewelry market to buy these precious metals and gems. Items that consumers have purchased only a few years ago are now more valuable for the raw material than they were when they were bought. Thus, many have decided to cash in and realize the money they’ve earned.

These products can be worn on special occasions, so they have a double feature to them as well. Many consumers can purchase lovely items, and then be astounded when they’re worth more than they paid for them. This is usually the opposite, as the value of used merchandise usually decreases. This is not the case for these things.

How will the price of precious metals and gem affect your appraisal?

A pressing issue is how gem and precious metal prices have changed for the better. Gold, silver and gemstones are doing nothing but increase in value while other common commodities go down. Housing and other stocks are suffering, while these things gained in a dramatic fashion. Objects that were purchase new are now worth twice and even more than that. For this reason, many people are now cashing in on the items they’ve bought in the past several years.

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