Marty Burns, G.G.

My father always told me as a child “whatever you decide to do in life follow through with passion and total commitment.”

I have tried to make this my motto in all of my dealings in life and one of my greatest decisions was to marry my wonderful wife Julia, she has always been, and will always be my best friend. We have 6 beautiful children who make my life worth living and also all of the gray hair upon my head….

I remember in my youth my best friends father took me and David to go gold panning off of the Merced river in California, lugging those heavy buckets of dirt to the sleuth box and see the dirt turn to minute amounts of gold specks was addictive. Then we started to find pieces of quartz and garnets scattered throughout our panning site.

I was so excited about that adventure that I began to read and discover new gemstones that existed in California and I became so obsessed that it was obvious to me as I grew older that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I contacted a man by the name of Neil Jackman in Salt Lake City Utah who was a graduate Gemologist and asked him how I should go about becoming a Gemologist. He said “Before you can become one of us, you need to understand us and dive into the jewelry industry,” so I did.

In 1986, I went to work for Fred Meyer Jewelers as a sales person and quickly became a store manager. I had fun but not what I wanted to do. In 1992, I went through the residence program at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) located in Santa Monica California and graduated as a gemologist.

I have managed and owned fine jewelry stores, but my passion was to appraise pieces of fine jewelry so I committed myself to the fine jewelry appraisal industry and now feel that I am an advocate to the public.

I never have had a dull moment looking at and hearing the stories that are associated with a piece of fine jewelry. This is my passion and joy, and I can’t wait to see the hidden treasures that you have to show me.

I am a member of the GIA Alumni Association and National Association of Jewelry Appraisers – currently working the Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri area.


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